Tailgate Lorry Rental Malaysia

Deciding to move out from your current location , an office or your residence , it is one handful task to handle , most especially talking about transportation . We have handled and encountered many different scenario wherein the client decided to move out , hired a van , and it seems so good but then the D - day comes , all of a sudden all the items won't fit . A disaster , as we called it . What are we talking about here ? Well , there are a number of large object used and owned by people both at homes and offices that require tailgate truck service for transportation . In any case you have an upright piano , commercial fridge , Photostat machine , upright piano or safe box , and other stuff , you will certainly need to find and hire a lorry with tailgate to get any of these transported safely .

Tailgate Lorry Rental Kuala Lumpur ( KL ) , Selangor & Klang Valley

Considering all of the above , it's not enough to just hire a vehicle - you also need trained personnel to move everything out of your place , into the tailgate lorry , out of it and into the new place . This is why the best way to get both heavy machinery for your heavy and bulky objects and a team of moving experts is hiring a professional mover company , such as Putramovers . Putramovers has spend its celebrative years in the industry already made a name in the community and our clients loves us ! Want to move out ? Stop worrying , we have the best transport services and a fleet of quality lorries to take care all of it . Our company has an incredible team of trained and experienced movers , packers , operators and managers , who are always ready to take care of your Move
Tailgate Lorry

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to rent a tailgate lorry without driver?
We are now unable to rent a lorry with only a tailgate. All of our lorry rentals include a driver. We can rent for a single journey, a day, or a week. For a free quote, please let us know what you need.
What geographical areas do you cover ?
KL, Selangor, Seremban are all covered by our tailgate lorry rental service. We frequently distribute across state lines in response to consumer requests.
What is the deadline for making a reservation ?
It is recommended that you schedule our lorry services at least one week in advance. Our lorry booking schedule quickly filled up, particularly on weekends and over long holidays.

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Our crews will be onsite together with the necessary moving tools and equipments on the actual day

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