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Moving Home! Packing up your home is an essential part of any move and it is something that you will need to do in advance of moving day, unless you’re using professional packing services. Should you choose to pack your belongings yourself, one of the best things you can do is purchase high-quality packing materials and you can guarantee that this is something that you will thank yourself for when everything makes it to your new home in one piece.

Even if you’re not using their full packing service, lots of packing and moving companies can supply you with the packing materials that you need for your move and they will have lots of useful items available to purchase. If you’re wondering which packing materials professionals would recommend you use, below we have put together a list of the best items to purchase, alongside traditional boxes, when moving home.

Moving Home
Moving Home

Wardrobe Boxes

This is arguably one of the most useful packing materials to have on moving day and wardrobe boxes can make moving your clothes so much easier. Due to the design of these boxes, you can simply move any hanging clothes from your wardrobe straight into the boxes, and vice versa when you get to your new home. Not having to take your clothes off the hangers and fold them into a box saves an awful lot of time. 

Box moving

Bubble Wrap

It goes without saying really that bubble wrap is essential to have when you’re moving home and you should never underestimate the amount of bubble wrap you’re going to need when packing up all of your belongings. Using this protective material can help to prevent any fragile items from getting broken during the move and bubble wrap really can be wrapped around anything to keep it safe in transit. 

House moving

Tape Dispenser

Whilst this isn’t technically a packing material, a tape dispenser is incredibly useful to have when you’re moving home. Lots of professional packers and movers use tape dispensers and they can make things much quicker and easier when you’re packing lots of boxes. A tape dispenser is undeniably a convenient alternative to a pair of scissors and you won’t have the hassle of losing the end of the tape either. 

Box Moving

Packing Paper

Another great wrapping material to have when you’re packing up your belongings is packing paper and this is something that homeowners tend to get through a lot of when they’re moving home. Packing paper is often used to protect things like plates, bowls, glasses and other kitchen essentials that are breakable, and it will help to ensure that they get from A to B in one piece. 

Packing Paper

Picture Cartons

Many homeowners find picture frames one of the most difficult things to pack and they’re often too big to fit into standard boxes. Thankfully, picture cartons are the perfect solution for any pictures or pieces of art, and maybe even mirrors, that you have in your home. These cartons are specifically designed for these types of items and they will prevent you from having to wrap them in bubble wrap and hope they don’t get damaged. 

Picture Cartons

Suction Bags

A brilliant alternative to traditional boxes when you’re moving home is suction bags and these are great for things such as clothes and towels. When you use suction bags, they will take up much less space on your moving van and they will significantly reduce the number of boxes that you have to pack. You may even be able to put your duvets and pillows into suction bags too, which will make them much easier to transport. 

Finding Local Packing And Moving Companies

Hopefully, if you’re planning on packing all of your belongings yourself, the information above will come in handy. It is fair to say that all of these packing materials can help to make moving home much easier and they are undeniably worthwhile investing in. When searching for a local packing and moving company to help with your move, be sure to get in touch with our team here at PutraMovers.

All of our packing services include the necessary packing materials for the move and even if you decide to undertake your own packing, we can still supply you with the various packing materials that you need. We have a brilliant range of useful packing materials, many of which are recycled, and we will have a solution for everything from your clothes to your fragile items. If you have any questions at all regarding the packing materials that we supply or the packing and unpacking services we offer, feel free to contact us today.

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