Monthly Lorry Rental Malaysia

Monthly Lorry Rental Malaysia

Lorry Rental ! You have finally decided to move out of your home and move into another one that’s bigger and better. You know the area you want to live in, but you are worried about how you will move all your items from point A to point B safely, as well as how much it will cost you. Don’t worry; if you are looking for the cheapest lorry rental in Klang Valley, look no further than PutraMovers, the only platform where locals can offer their services as lorry movers for the best price possible.

1.Why Rent A Lorry With Putramovers?

When it comes to office moving and house moving services, why should you consider a cheap lorry rental service? First of all, hiring a lorry for your next move is affordable. Secondly, if you’re traveling from one state to another state in Malaysia then a car will not be an ideal choice for you. While some people choose vans when they need help with their relocation process and finding transportation that can accommodate personal belongings may be more convenient than renting a truck. Also, there are many types of trucks available on rent like 3-tonne , 5-tonne etc. depending upon your requirement. So, when you hire a cheap lorry for your next move and find transport that can accommodate personal belongings at reasonable rates then don’t forget to contact us! We offer cheap lorry rental services in Klang Valley!

2.Delivery Charge.

Saving money and time are key factors for anyone looking to do an office moving or house moving. This is why you’re best off finding a company that offers you a full service from delivery to removal. One way to ensure that your time is well spent is by factoring in charges into your budget as well as considering whether you’ll be able to transport all of your items yourself or if it makes more sense for you to hire a lorry. When searching for a lorry rental in Klang Valley, look for one that includes all delivery charges on their final bill and not just base costs of hourly rental + fuel cost.

Look to Our Packages

Bulk Disposal service

3.Steps To Reserve A Lorry With Putramovers

Booking a lorry for your office or house moving is a simple task that’s made complicated by a lot of companies and agents who don’t care about you. They just want to get as much out of you as possible. To save yourself from any hassles, and to guarantee you get value for money—not only will we find you a cheaper lorry rental but we can also handle all aspects of logistics for move-ins. Whether it’s office furniture or personal effects, our network of warehouses can store your stuff and provide quick access whenever you need it again in KL, Selangor and Putrajaya. Having a reliable partner like us on your side means that moving day can be hassle-free! So what are you waiting for?

4. Additional Services

Additional Stop

Additional pick-up and delivery stops are available for an additional fee. Additional pick-up and delivery stops incur a distance charge. An additional kilometer cost is incurred for every kilometer between the first pick-up and the final destination. Distance charges will apply if additional stops are added to the journey. Additional stops include picking up items that were not collected at the first location or delivering items to locations other than the final destination of the journey.

Door-to-Door Service

The driver/helper(s) will load and unload items to and from the premise.

Disassembly Service

A moving service package that comes with disassembly and assembly of furniture, driver as a helper, two additional helpers and loading service.

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