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Searching for a reliable lorry rental service in Malaysia to ease the loading and unloading process? At Putramovers, we provide tailgate lorry rental services for every move, ranging from residential, office, commercial and interstate move. Lorry with tailgate loaders can lift and move heavy furniture in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We emphasize heavily on providing customers with excellent services.

Our tailgate lorries are always in top condition and well maintained, ensuring your goods are transported safely from the beginning to end. Together with experienced drivers, your personal belongings will reach the destination on schedule. Plus, the capacity of our tailgate lorry can accommodate a wide range of loads and weight.

Why Rent A Lorry With PutraMovers?

  • Affordable rates with our lorries, vans and lorry. Pay less for your moving or business deliveries with our lorry rental.

  • Additional services. Put in a request for heavy-lifting helpers. Or, deliver frozen food and medicine with our temperature regulated cold trucks.

  • Expanded delivery coverage. Get PutraMovers to deliver for you in Klang Valley.

Types of Lorry Tranposrt


Moving equipment is necessary for relocations. They are used shipment and transport of items and valuables of clients. It can also be used for different purposes, depending on the client’s requirements. But it is imperative for customers to choose the right kind and size of lorry rental unit for their needs. PutraMovers provides these customers a wide selection of truck leasing options that would suit their personal and business objective. As one of the leading moving company in Malaysia, we aim to serve our clients to the best of our capabilities by delivering outstanding relocation and logistics services. If you are in the looking for 1 ton lorry for rent in KL,Putrajaya and Selangor.


Suitable for the people living in the space of condominium. single trip of 17 ft lorry will complete the move


Whether you are relocating to a new location or transporting your goods for distribution, you need to ensure that you have the 5-ton lorry rental vehicle that will securely take your belongings and items to your desired destination.

Putramovers is a leading moving and lorry transport services provider in Malaysia that offers a wide range of transport vehicles for personal and business use. Our aim is to guarantee that our clients are provided with the right solution.

Moreover, you can avail our lorry rental with driver service at a rental price that you can afford. With PutraMovers, you can ensure the safe transport of your items anywhere in Malaysia.

Flexible Transport & Logistics Services in Malaysia

Clients have varying requirements in terms of equipment and pricing. We designed our services to align with our customers’ goals and needs. Our lorry transport from in Malaysia service can be availed in daily, weekly, or monthly rentals.

And our trained and cheap movers in KL will organize and execute your move as seamless as possible. With our moving experts, you can rest assured that your upcoming relocation will be treated with professionalism from start to finish!

Transport goods

In need of reliable logistics services for your move or business? Make the call today and we will let help you pick the right moving equipment for your project. Give us a ring at (insert phone number) or complete our online estimate form to request for FREE QUOTE or set an appointment with our experts.

You can also browse our sites to know more about our moving services and service areas.


Choosing the right lorry transport service can be daunting and is critical to ensure you have a smooth, safe and worry free move.

For example, what do lorry businesses mean when they mention manpower? Shrink wrapping? When should I schedule my lorry transport? What is the market rate for x amount of distance?

Here are some important factors to consider when booking a lorry transport service.

1. Reputation and reviews of the lorry transport company

All of us are skeptical when it comes to renting a lorry. One of the most important factor to consider is the reliability and authenticity of the business. There are several questions to ask yourself before picking an agency to transfer your items.

These questions include:

  • Are there any miscellaneous or hidden charges?
  • What are the payment options and terms?
  • How to contact the driver or mover assigned?
  • Is there any cancellation fee or policy?

2. Selecting the right pickup date and pickup time

There is a famous saying, “The early bird catches the worm.” This is a highly true and very relatable idiom as last minute bookings are undesirable, messy as well as hectic. Moving can sometimes take a whole day so bookings are usually packed on the weekends. Most people prefer to move house or office during those periods as they are free and have a lot more time on their hands.

Also, be wary of scheduling your lorry transport pickup date during public holidays as the rates are usually higher. Lorry drivers typically prefer bookings to be made at least 12 hours in advance. This allows them more time to plan and prepare their team and equipment for your move.

Scheduling the right pickup time is also essential. If you are moving a heavy load, scheduling your pickup time in the morning will ensure you complete your move by evening.

3.Additional services provided by the lorry transport

Manpower is necessary when it comes to shifting house or office. No one can easily lift a sofa or any bulky furniture alone. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionally trained movers.

Lorry transports also charge an additional fee for carrying items up to a certain level of the building. This is important to note if you live in a high-rise building such as a condominium. However, these fees are sometimes waivered if there is an accessible elevator.

If you are still unsure, you may contact the transport company and ask for their recommendation.

Lorry transports also provide additional services in order to safely secure your items while they are in transit. Some common additional services are:

  • Bubble WrappingBubble wrapping is typically used to transport fragile items such as mirrors.
  • Shrink WrappingShrink wrapping is typically used to wrap items to prevent loose parts from falling off and scratches/dents on furniture while in transit.
  • Assembly/DisassemblySome lorry transports also provide assembly/disassembly services for furniture such as beds, dining tables, wardrobes and more.

4.Determining what you need and no longer need

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Items, furniture or appliances that are to be kept or thrown away should be separated. It is time to decide if you want to buy that new sofa you have been eyeing on or that highly advanced flat screen television for your new living room. Or a new swivel chair or shelf for the office.

Some lorry transports can assist you to dispose your old furniture when you move. If you need this, we recommend asking them beforehand. If you live in KL & Selangor, you may try Disposal Services

5. Get Your Driver Details

Once you have made your booking for a lorry transport service, don’t forget to get your assigned driver details. You will need to know who is coming to pickup your items and whether the vehicle plate number and IC number of the driver matches the details the company has provided to you.

If it is incorrect, do not hesitate to confirm the details again with the lorry transport. If the details do not match, you may reject the services of the lorry driver to ensure the safety of your items and yourself.

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